The bike and baggage: Ready for an expedition...

I have different bike for this tour. It's a Van Nicholas Pioneer: a Rohloff-equipped titanium-framed expedition touring bike. If you are interested in the details, you can read about the building the bike in a series of posts on my whispering wheels web page.

Once again, my equipment is almost entirely lightweight gear - stuff which I have used extensively for bushwalking in Australia and trekking in Nepal, and on my previous cycling tours. My philosophy is to carry no more weight on my bike than I would on my back, that is, less than 20 kg, and preferably, no more than 15 kg.

Here are my gear selections and checklist. Touring Gear Checklist


  1. Nice bike, shame about the chain ;)

    1. Cheeky bugger! Are you glad you took my advice and bought one?

  2. Very happy with choice; I didn't need much persuading :)