Was that Waipara?

Cool again this morning when I set off, and I made good time for quite a distance until the road eventually began to rise. There followed kilometer after frustrating kilometer of ups and downs. Since leaving the coast yesterday the route has been through a rather unremarkable landscape and I just wanted it to stop so I could get off.

Despite the seeming interminable road I actually made good time and arrived at my planned destination quite early in the afternoon, only to find my first choice of accommodation had fallen down (presumably during the earthquake), the cafe was closed for renovations, and my second choice was was not very inviting and also unattended.

So I decided to continue on another 10kms to the next, somewhat bigger settlement, and finding a nice caravan park settled in a room with tv so I could watch the world cup cricket semi-final.

Last day tomorrow, and I'm kinda glad, kinda sad about that. But to be honest I'll be pleased to get off the bike for a while.

Click here for a Doarama visualisation of the route.

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