Arthurs Pass: at last...

The ride to Arthurs Pass from Flock Hill is probably a scenic as anywhere in New Zealand. And for once I had a downhill start to ease my legs into it. So after farewelling my new mountain biker friends I rolled off down the road toward Lake Pearson. It was a stunning scene in the morning light.

A little past the lake a narrow winding and in places steeply undulating section of road called for all my attention, if only for the number of crosses by the roadside. Another stunning vista emerged.

Making good time I arrived at the historic Bealey Hotel, and for the first time was able to have proper lunch and a refreshing break. With only 12 kilometers to Arthurs Pass I didn't need to hurry. Leaving Bealey the road enters the forest in a series of rolling undulations - not easy riding but the food must have worked as my legs felt strong for the first time. With only a kilometer to go a rain shower arrived to give me a good soaking.

So I'm booked in to backpacker lodge, laundry is on and I'm settling into a pint of Monteiths Old in the front window of the Wobbly Kea bar. Cheers.

Click here for a Doarama visualisation of the route.

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  1. Ahhhh, Montheiths Old, also my choice for post-ride recovery :) Just catching up; will be following your tour now. Wishing you tail winds, sunshine and considerate drivers.